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Welcome to the Polish Sociological Association (PTS). We hope the website proves a comprehensive source of information on our activities and history. As the representatives of the Polish sociological community, we are committed to share information on any scholarly and popularizing initiatives that may help integrate the international sociological public. We also offer assistance in research projects and conferences.

XVI Polish Sociological Congress
Thematic panels list and call for papers Karolina Ciechorska-Kulesza

The Scientific Committee of the XVI Polish Sociological Congress has published the list of thematic panels and a Call for Papers. More information will be available on the Congress web-site 16zjazdpts.pl

The Invisible Hand in Law, Economy and Culture
9-10 May 2016, Warsaw, Poland Katarzyna M. Wyrzykowska


The Invisible Hand in Law, Economy and Culture. Workshop on Spontaneous Order, Mechanisms and Unintended Consequences

9-10 May 2016, Warsaw


DEADLINE EXTENDED – 10 January 2016


Polish Sociological Association: Sociology of Law Section & Warsaw Department

Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw: Institute of Sociology 


More information is available HERE

Methodology of Grounded Theory and Grounded theories
International Conference and workshops Krzysztof Konecki

Place: Ustka, Slupsk.

Date: 18-19 September 2015 year.


Invitation to conference and workshops is addressed to researchers using grounded theory methodology (MTU) in practice and those interested in MTU representing various disciplines.


The aim of the conference is to create a space for the exchange of experiences and to present the results of research related to the use of MTU issues. There will be discussed both theoretical and methodological issues. We want to consider the current state of the MTU and the theories created in Poland and abroad. We are interested in the possibilities and limitations of this methodological strategy within sociology and other disciplines. We are interested in the use of standard MTU.


The workshops accompanying the conference are to provide an opportunity to improve skills in acquisition and data analysis (also using computer programs) and procedures to generate theory.



Organizers: Department of Sociology and the Institute for Education and Social Work Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk, Section of Qualitative Sociology and Symbolic Interactionism of Polish Sociological Association.


Contact: grounded.ustka@gmail.com

Information: www.grounded.ustka.pl

The Paradox of Paradox? Workshop on Contradictions, Ironies and Surprises in Law, Economy and Society
11-12 May 2015, Warsaw, Poland Katarzyna M. Wyrzykowska

The Paradox of Paradox?

Workshop on Contradictions, Ironies and Surprises in Law, Economy and Society


Polish Sociological Association: Sociology of Law Section & Warsaw Department

11-12 May 2015 Warsaw


Sociology always showed a keen eye for the paradoxical and a theoretical taste for the ironic and counter-intuitive sequences of events. It explored more or less strong manifestations of these ranging from ironic and surprising outcomes of social action to apparent contradictory features of phenomena. It dealt with acknowledged and “instant classic” paradoxes in two steps: the satisfaction of discovering the surprising outcomes followed by a tendency to reveal the structural and cultural conditions which rendered the specific paradox less universal. In a similar vein, it moved from zooming in to zooming out in paradoxes and to showing how coping with tensions is constitutive, and even inherent, of social life. [...]

In response to a number of requests, we are glad to inform you that the deadline for sending the abstracts has been extended until 10 January 2015.

More information is available HERE

Bridging the Divides Conference
3 November 2014, Warsaw Dariusz Jażdżyk

Bridging the Divides – International conference on faith-based reconciliation and peacebuilding commemorating the 30th anniversary of Reconciliatio et paenitentia by St. John Paul II and the Year of Jan Karski.

Conference The “next step” in the development…
4-5 December 2014, Poznań (deadline extended to 30 September) Dariusz Jażdżyk

The Poznan branch of Polish Sociological Association, The Institute for Western Affairs and the Institute of Sociology at Adam Mickiewicz University invites applications for the conference:

The “next step” in the development of the civil society in Central and Eastern Europe?

to be held at the Institute for Western Affairs, Poznań, Poland, 4-5 December 2014. 



Deadline to submit proposals/abstracts: 31 August 2014 30 September 2014

Conference of the European Survey Research Association
13-17 July 2015, Reykjavik, Iceland Dariusz Jażdżyk

The 6th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) will take place 13th-17th July 2015 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Law and values in contemporary society
21-22 November 2014, Tirana, Albania Dariusz Jażdżyk

The central theme of the conference: Law and values in contemporary society

Other themes by 16 Thematic Sessions (1-16, see the Call for papers).


Latest issue of the ESA Newsletter
Summer 2014, #36 Dariusz Jażdżyk

Latest issue of the ESA Newsletter  is now available on the ESA website.

Dariusz Jażdżyk

The development of communication technologies and the spread of the Internet have brought about various transformations of the ways how we communicate in science and higher education. The social media are used to promote research, gathering empirical data and communicating science. It is clear that the social media are an inevitable part of every communicative process in higher education. The issue, Communication, Science and Higher Education, will be devoted to cultural changes and transformations that take place in contemporary science, scholarly communication and universities.

We would like invite you to submit original articles that investigate the transformations of communication practices, science communication and their impact on the various areas of academic and scientific life. The aim of the issue will be to collect the works that represent thought, research and critical voices on various cultural approaches to these problems.

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